Annual Junior ROTC Essay Contest SY 2009/2010

Due Dates: 1st Typed Draft: 2 Nov 2009 / Final Paper: 4 Dec 2009

"JROTC Builds Character and Leadership"

Essays will be judged on content, organization, and structure. All submissions should be the original work of the individual cadet. As
winning essays are often used for promotional purposes, special attention should be given to grammar and punctuation. Essays must
be between 250-350 words; essays which are longer or shorter will not be accepted.

In addition, essays must be submitted in Courier New 12 pt. font, they must be double spaced, and use 1" margins.

Winners are announced annually during the first week of April. Contest winners will receive savings bonds. The first place winner will receive a savings
bond for $375, second place will receive $225 and third place will receive $175. Savings Bonds are mailed directly to the cadet’s home
address. In addition each winner will receive a certificate from the Commander, JROTC. The first place winner will also receive a 2 Star Note.

Page Setup: Font = Courier New 12, double space with 1 inch margins

Cadet John Doe
Heidelberg High School
Heidelberg, Germany

" JROTC Builds Character and Leadership"

JROTC builds character and leadership because ....ect

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Essay Grading Rubric Elements
Not Yet
Right On
A. Content (20 points possible)      

1. Each paragraph has clear purpose/focus


2. Clear writing that makes connections


3. Main idea clear & stand out


4. Stays on topic

B. Organization (20 points possible)      

1. Grammar


2. Vocabulary


3. Spelling


4. Paragraph structure (topic sentence and supporting sentences.

C. Structure (20 points possible)      

1. Introductory paragraph


2. Body paragraphs


3. Concluding paragraph


4. Correct font, spacing, margins & format



D. Word Count (250 min) X 8 (40 points possible)      
Total Points: _________/100_______________      


School Year 2008-2009 Winners
Congratulations Winners!!

 1st Place Winner

($375 Savings Bond)

7th Brigade
Cadet Raven Crusenberry

Tennessee High School
Bristol, Tennessee
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2nd Place Winner
($225 Savings Bond)

6th Brigade
Cadet Trevor Simon, Jr.
St. James High School
St. James, Louisiana

3rd Place Winner
($175 Savings Bond)

8th Brigade
Cadet Rosalinda Cortez
South High School
Bakersfield, California

Participants/Brigade Winners (Recognized by Brigades)

2nd Brigade Winner
Cadet Kevin Daniels
Bamberg Middle/High School
APO, Armed Forces Europe

5th Brigade Winner
Cadet Meghann A. Rall
Bellaire High School
Houston, Texas

2nd Brigade Winner
Cadet Jami Vollmer
Beaver Area High School
Beaver, Pennsylvania

6th Brigade Winner
Cadet Taylor Allen
Naples High School
Naples, Florida

3rd Brigade Winner
Cadet William R. Chapman
Saint Thomas Academy
Mendota Heights, Minnesota

8th Brigade Winner
Cadet Brittany Peterson
Mount Tahoma High School
Tacoma, Washington

4th Brigade Winner
Cadet Christopher Jamison
John H. Smyth High School
Hanover, Virginia